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  • Sending Emails With Orchard Modules

    Tags: Orchard

    Sending an email in .Net is pretty simple. You just put some settings into an instance of SmtpClient, create a MailMessage and off you go. In Orchard CMS, there are a couple of other ways. While you … more

  • Getting Rid of Home in ASP.Net MVC

    Tags: ASP.Net, MVC

    I'm not a big fan of having urls with the "/home" in front.  For example:  /home/about, /home/contact, etc.  Here is a simple way to get your home controller routes to be a little more … more

  • Canton Software Craftsmanship

    Tags: Community, Craftsmanship

    Developers in the Canton Ohio area have been interested in getting the community going for quite a while now.  Some of us got together and finally organized something that we're really hoping … more

  • JQuery AJAX and ASMX

    Tags: JQuery

    JQuery is just awesome! One of the things that I recently did that I got a kick out of was doing an AJAX call to an ASMX webservice. It's pretty straightforward once you know how to do it... … more

  • Devlink 2008

    Tags: Community

    This was my first trip to DevLink. It was Awesome!! I ended up spending the whole time involved in the Open Spaces discussions. Open Spaces are basically areas where chairs are arranged in circles … more

  • Agile Summer Camp 2008

    Tags: Agile, Community

    Nerds, Woods, and deep conversations about Agile Development. What could be better? This was just an excellent idea. Thanks to Chris Woodruff for organizing this for us! The environment allowed … more